(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

The guide how to get your first Gift card

Do you like to get some extra money, or some reward cards? This is a silly question, I know. Everybody loves to get things for free. And this is why we made money making app Appdown. You should get some free gift cards or PayPal cash just for completing some easy tasks. It’s easy and fun way to get extra money, so lets get started.

To get free Gift card in rewards app Appdown it is nessesary to get some points by completing tasks. To better understand how to use Appdown to earn your rewards, we recommend that you read the article “getting the first reward in reward app” first.

    1. Click on the number of your points in the right corner.
      Reward app
    2. Here you can see the Worldwide avialable reward (by default).
      Rewarding app
    3. (Optional) If you want to change to your country, just click on the title Worldwide next to the logo of the globe.
    4. Choose the one reward gift card you want (you can see the number of points you need to get this gift card)
      Wallet app
    5. If you choose PayPal, click on the value you want. (For example 2$)
      Money making app
    6. (If you have enough points) Input email where we can send your reward. It must be email of existing PayPal account.
      Money creating app
    7. Press CONFIRM and that’s it.
      Offerwall app
    8. Wait for sending reward (Gift card) to you.
    9. Enjoy your Gift card!


    Gift card

    To have such a great Gift card download money making app Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards now, you won’t regret it! If you have any questions check our site and don’t hesitate to contact us, we are doing our best to answer as fast as possible! You can also download that directly from Google play of course.

    Would you like to have cool reward app like the Appdown? Check out our Reward app platform website.

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