(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

Starting and Getting The First Reward in Reward App

    1. Download Appdown from Google Play on Android. (On iOS you can run it directly from Safari – https://appdown.me.
      Reward app
    2. Sign up to App with Facebook account, Google account, or with your personal e-mail.
      Reward app
    3. Go to the GET POINTS section (under EXTRA section on the main page). There you have 4 sections INSTALL, SURVEY, SIGN and WATCH. Here you can see the reward you should get for completing tasks.App making money
    4. Click on the offer of your choice and see what the conditions of getting these points are. You can also check here again the amount of points that you will get for completing this task.Money making app
    5. Click on INSTALL. Install from the store. If it is nessesary.
    6. Complete tasks, If there are some (like get 100 points in game).
    7. Wait for your reward (points).
    8. Enjoy your points!


    Rewarding app

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