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Did you ever think about earning money as simply and funny as it is possible? There is a new app called “Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards”. With this awesome app you can earn money just by playing games and downloading apps, it couldn’t be easier and funnier! We provide you the best Reward app you can find on Google play or App store.

Reward app


How it works?

You download the app Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards and there you find a huge list of offers you could complete. For every installing app and completing tasks you get a certain amount of points, which can be seen right next to the app.

You can download the app, which you like the most, or just the one which offers the highest payout/points and then you have to use the app for a while. You can also complete some surveys or sign up for tasks to earn points. After a while you can come back to Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards and you receive your points, which you can exchange for money with PayPal Cash or other gift card.


Rewards app   Making money app


Rewarding app   Earning money app



If you complete offers, you will get points. With this service we provide you an unique experience where you and only you will earn lots of money just by completing tasks. With those point you can get several types of gift cards or you can get the payout on your PayPal, just from the money making app.




Now you want probably ask yourself: “How much can I earn with Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards?” Well, the cool part of it all is that it’s your own choice how much you want to earn! When you’re very enthusiastic and you’ve downloaded all the apps and completed other tasks, you can still make money! The only thing you have to do is to share your unique link with a friend, and you’ll get 25% of his reward! By this way you can earn more money, it depends on how many times you share with other people.

 Get money for free


Variations of rewards

In exchange for points we give you all kinds of rewards, from PayPal to Google Play. We all have those kind of rewards. For a brief list check the following:

  • Google Play giftcards
  • iTunes giftcards
  • Amazon giftcards
  • eBay giftcards
  • PlayStation Network Card
  • Xbox Live giftcards
  • Minecraft Game Card
  • Roblox giftcards
  • Facebook credits
  • GTA Shark Cards
  • GoCash
  • PayPal
  • Hulu


Gift cards


We can guarantee you that there isn’t a way to get money faster than this. With these simple tasks you can earn from $2 to more than 100$ every single month! We are working hard to give you the best Rewards & Gift Cards app as possible and would like oo see you using our Reward app, Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards, so you can earn money easily. With this service we provide you an unique experience where you and only you will earn lots of money just by completing tasks.

This Reward app, Appdown – Rewards & Gift Cards, will work on your phone and tablet and for returning users we even give presents for coming back over and over again! This is the best way to earn money from all of the methods on the Internet. Download Appdown now, you won’t regret it! If you have any questions check our site and don’t hesitate to contact us, we are doing our best to answer as fast as possible!

Would you like to have cool reward app like the Appdown? Check out our website, which specializes in building Reward apps.


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